Bullion Hall is a community centre that offers a wide range of activities to local residents of all ages. Some of which comes about because organisations hire rooms or because we orchestrate and manage delivery. Activities including dance and exercise classes: e.g. Swing Fit, Stars Drama, Tea Dance, curling, indoor bowls, yoga (3 classes), Zumba, pilates, activities that include meals/social connection e.g. Luncheon Club, Men’s Cree(mental health) Ladies Cree, activities to support children, young people and their families e.g. Grandparent ,Parent and toddler group, School Holiday Activities, activities that enable development of hobbies and interests e.g. Guitar Classes, Patchwork quilting, Horological society, and Spanish. Activities that support the refugee community including ESOL classes and a youth group. We also manage a youth outreach project. Open Monday to Friday 9am - 9pm


Bullion Hall South Approach
Bullion Community Resource Centre

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Apple Metrocentre, Gateshead
Belle Vue Community, Sports and Youth Centre
B.A.S.C. (British Association of Shooting and Conservation)
Durham Agency Against Crime
Lloyds Bank - Sunderland/Durham
McKenzie Bell & Sons Solicitors
UK Youth